Baby massage

Trained by Francoise Lefebvre, one of the greatest baby massage promoters of the IAIM, and passionate about birth and babies, it is my greatest pleasure to share with you and your little one the joy and giggles brought by a massage.

Besides the physical benefits such as relaxation, careless sleep, sensory stimulation, colic release or digestion improvement, the gentle touch of a massage is a perfect way to express your love and attachment to your baby.

A massage class consists of 4 meetings (60 min each). You don't have to care about anything else but bringing a towel for your baby. The rest is on me.

*for your baby and his friends, we can arrange a private massage class. Just let me know the number of babies and parents and I will bring everything at your home.

Due to my maternity and parental leave, there will be no classes organised soon. Thank you for your understanding!

Rebozo massage

The Rebozo is a Mexican sling used to carry babies and children. It can be used in many different ways and it is worn by Mexican women as a scarf. Mexican midwives use the Rebozo to give their pregnant clients a massage during pregnancy or during childbirth.

The Rebozo massage is given while the woman lies on a mat on the floor and the midwife will move the woman’s body rhythmically, with the Rebozo, from head to toe. Usually the massage of the pelvic area and upper legs is a very pleasant experience. In the meantime, the baby will move with the mother in rhythmic movements and will certainly enjoy. The Rebozo massage is very useful when a pregnant woman accuses back and muscular pains.